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Reliable renting and letting

in one environment


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A system for easier rental

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One website where tenants and landlords manage all rental matters

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    Deposit fraud is a thing of the past

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    Manage your deposit directly with Rentling

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    Avoid misunderstandings with the landlord

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    Automatic distribution of municipal taxes among co-tenants

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    Reward for timely rent payments

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    At end of contract, simply upload proof of deregistration


  • 1-click rent increases

    according to applicable law

  • Meet regulations more easily

  • Upload invoices and underpin service costs

  • No surprises with utility bills

  • Online contract generator for tenants

    No more paper, tenants see contract in the app

  • Charges and credits for tenants

    Reward good behaviour, discourage undesirable behaviour

  • Automatic distribution of taxes over multiple tenants

  • Automatic processing of rental payments and deposit settlement

  • Anti-weed module, owner association module and much more


What tenant wants

What landlord wants

What Rentling does

Look for new accommodation

List accommodation, find a tenant

Offer a listing page where landlords list with 1 click

Apply to accommodation

Efficiently select suitable candidate

Paid visits force candidates to prepare. Online contract generator. Online visit request module.

Generate a contract

Offer a suitable contract

Paperless contract process.

Safe deposit/rent payment

Show trustworthyness to candidates for initial payment

Streamline deposit payments with Deposit Relay service

Move in, perform checkin

Record the initial state of the accommodation

Offer picture and video-upload of initial state, save values of utility meters for water, heating, gas, energy.

Live, stay informed with Rentling of landlord rules

Collect rent, perform legal duties

Rentling informs candidates of house rules etc. Manages bonus/malus mechanism specified by landlord. Informs landlord of legal duties and offers templates.

Inform tenant of service cost (if legally required)

Landlord can upload invoices. Rentling summarizes the amounts and calculates values per tenant.

Inform landlord about required repairs.

Route repair requests to repair men.

Landlord can add repair men to Rentling. Rentling automatically forwards requests to repair men. Repair men upload pictures/videos of their work, and their final invoice. Tenant can mark repair as completed. Landlord can indicate the cost as service cost.

Cancel contract

Rentling informs tenant of cancellation period, calculates deposit returns

Upload deregistration, perform checkout

Verify check-out procedure, use of utilities etc. Return deposit.

Offer upload option to tenant to perform all required exit duties, e.g. upload proof of deregistration.

Avoid double deposit problem when moving

New landlord wants guarantee of deposit payment

Offers new landlord indication that old landlord will transfer deposit to new landlord

Give declaration of good conduct to new landlord

Easily and quickly supply declaration of conduct

Based on tenant behavior, Rentling automatically makes the declaration available to new landlord.

Pay a fair rent

Specify rent according to government guidelines (if required)

Rentling offers rent components module where landlords can specify components of the total rent amount