M.L. Kinglaan 216 1111 LM Diemen / Kamer B

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Welkom bij M.L. Kinglaan 216 1111 LM Diemen / Kamer B, waar je geniet van privacy in een afsluitbare kamer, of gezamenlijke activiteiten met huisgenoten. Deze pagina heeft een maximum aan informatie, foto's en video's. Als het allemaal duidelijk is, plan een bezichtiging of maak meteen een contract aan.

Bouwjaar 1976 Op verdieping 3
Energie label E
Helling voor gehandicapten




Balkon 2




Vierkante meters 100 Square feet 1000

Dubbel glas


Punten huurcommissie 172
Vierkante meters 15 Square feet 150




Flatscreen TV


Punten huurcommissie 161

About the room: This is a fully furnished room of 18m2 with a bed of 200 x 140 cm, a desk, an office chair, a 32 inch flat screen TV and a clothing cabinet. Only one person is allowed in the room. No couples, no pets, no exceptions. (Weekend) visitors are allowed if the other tenants in the apartment agree.

This is a big 110 m2 (1100 sq ft) apartment shared with three other tenants. Utilities (gas, electricity, heating) are included with a quota system and monitored by the Rentling system with the app for tenants. Registration is allowed, couples, pets, smoking are not allowed.

Are you excited about the room? Time to make it official!

Make sure to read our sample contract. If you agree with the contract, then request a visit with the appointment on the next tab.

Note: We charge Eur 25 for visits, and return Eur 35,- when you rent.
We welcome you to visit, but we prefer serious candidates. We used to get many viewers who:
- Never showed up, or cancelled 5 minutes after the appointment time.
- Had not fully read this website.
- Had not viewed the apartment videos.
- Were not serious candidates.
- Did not check their budget (with their parents) before visiting.

Consequently, all these visits were very time consuming and annoying to other tenants.

When you rent the room, we return the Eur 25,- plus an extra Eur 10,-.
Your payment will have Paypal buyer protection.

If you want to rent without visit, or after a visit:
1. Check this site. If the room is listed, it is still available.
2. Log into Rentling and generate a contract.
3. Pay the deposit (IBAN and BIC bank info are in the contract).
4. IMPORTANT: Immediately upload your proof of payment into Rentling. This avoids delays.
5. We remove the room from Internet.
6. You get a confirmation and contract that is now signed by us.
7. You get a calendar request appointment for the keys with phone nr of our host.

When there are multiple candidates, the room goes to the first payer.

Note: Move in on a later date? Then you only pay the deposit up front to reserve the room. We return your deposit 1 month after contract end date.

Rent price is 'all-in by intention', excluding: EUR 10/month government tenant taxes. Please note: land lord has absolutely no control over these taxes.

Huur per maand €695.61 | Borg €0.00 | Beschikbaar : 3-Feb-2021

Eerste betaling (huur+borg) €695.61

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About landlord Joshua Petit

Our quality marks
(1) No registration fees.
(2) No cash payments, we prefer bank traceable payments. No Western Union!
(3) You always get a signed contract.
(4) Registration is always allowed. Read here why this is important.
(5) You rent directly from us, the apartment owners.

Joshua Petit
E-mail: joshuapetit@gmail.com