Our simple pricing model

For tenants

Invite your current landlord to use Rentling.


View profiles, pictures, videos and statistics of future landlords.


Invite future landlords to view your Rentling profile.


Track your deposit, rent payments, credits and charges with the Rentling app.


Check your utilities and service cost with invoices uploaded by landlord.


Be a great tenant and build a good Rentling track record to easily convince future landlords.


Moving to a new location (abroad)? Secure your deposit with Rentling deposit relay service.

Watch the deposit relay video

3% of deposit relay amount

For landlords FREE    

Eur 9,95 per tenant per month (subject to change)

Try a 6 months free trial.

Advertise your location on Rentling.


Accept (intenational) deposit payments with Rentling deposit relay service.


Give hesitating candidates peace of mind with the Rentling deposit relay service


Manage deposit relay payments with Rentling mobile app


Accept/decline new tenant candidates while even on the other side of the globe.


Avoid discussion about the deposit: Define entry- and exit checklists for tenants to complete. No more misunderstanding.


Avoid legal problems: define rent components and be transparent to tenants about the rent price


Protect your interests: Coordinate building policy with other landlords, combine votes for owner assembly meetings.


Protect your interests: Easily give voting power to other landlords for the owner assembly meetings to vote on your behalf.


Define early-cancellation fees to avoid short stay, Rentling automatically tracks and applies the charges


Delegate Rentling to your real estate agent, but stay fully informed.


Professionally present your landlord financials to banks and government (tax) authorities.


Import payments from your bank. Rentling automatically shows totals per tenant and applies charges and credits.


Let Rentling calculate deposit returns.


Manage and schedule your key manager, cleaning lady with Rentling.


Motivate tenants to correct behavior with credits and charges.


No more paper... Upload and use your own contract template(s), even per property.


No more paper... Use Rentling online contract templates and contract generator.


No more heating meter surprises... Tenants enter heating meter values in the Rentling app, Rentling warns of overusage.


No more electricity or gas surprises... Tenants enter meter values in the Rentling app, Rentling warns of overusage.


Part of a building association? Rentling automatically sends rent declarations, signed by tenant.


Problems with late rent payments? Activate Rentling's credits system, reward tenants for timely rent payments. Rentling automatically adds the rewards to the deposit return. Tenants see their rewards in the mobile app and are motivated to keep paying rent on time. It's cheaper than hiring a lawyer.


Rentling app enables tenants and repair men to coordinate, so you don't have to open doors.


Repair professionals you hire upload their invoices in Rentling. Rentling shows them as service cost.


Route work to selected repair men: plumbers, painters, carpenters, electriciens etc.


Avoid tax discussions between tenants. Rentling automatically divides tenant taxes over several room mates.


See financials of prospective tenants: Uploaded work contracts, bank statements, parent support letters.


See proof of work videos and pictures uploaded by repair professionals.


Send 1-click rental increases that comply with local regulation.


Upload service cost invoices as proof for tenants.


View profiles, pictures, videos and (payment history, conduct) statistics of future candidates.


Become a highly professional landlord and significantly lower your landlord risks. Rentling improves your relationship with tenants and helps avoid high (legal) cost and surprises.


Rentling is an extremely powerful system that improves the renting process. It avoids many problems (new) landlords will face over their renting career. These problems usually come with high cost, wiping out many years of net rental income. Rentling offers landlords the opportunity to experience the extreme flexibility and capabilities with a 6 month free trial.

Renting out only one room? Or 100 locations? Rentling will improve your renting process. Try it for free. Your credit card won't be needed during the trial period. Try a 6 months free trial.
Rentling starts with simple screens (shown above)... and becomes more sophisticated as you grow as a landlord (see below).